Romantischer sex erostek et 312

romantischer sex erostek et 312

The Et312 have three routines called Phase 1, phase 2 and Phase. Also works with your computer, iPod, CD player or any other stereo playback device using. It have stereo mode for audio ( three different kind of audio modes) The box is not small but easy to controll. The ET312: Level A and Level B adjustment (same as Channel A and Channel B intensity on the 2B). 2 sets of 52" Long, output Leadwires, bananas to Pins Adapters available ( not included ) for tens / 2mm accessories.

Romantischer sex erostek et 312 - ErosTek We Bring

Im trying to make this as good as possible but I know there will be miss spelling and I wont be able to see. The audio is working good. Its very easy to handle and you can adjust it and get it more precise like you want. Now, im not an expert, im just an amateur, a beginner. Full Stereo Audio modes allow audio based stimulation from mono and stereo sources (including SmartStim and Phaser waveforms). Hi, please bare with my English.

ET312B: Romantischer sex erostek et 312

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Romantischer sex erostek et 312 - Erostek ET-312B Electrosex

And the intensity level is easily adjusted using separate knobs for channels "A" and "B" with the current levels clearly displayed at all times. Combining one lead from each channel to make a third lead. Adjust, change the speed on the routines. Channel 1 - Second (black color) lead/troad and Channel 2 - Second (black color)lead/troad "combined" to a ring round the base and scrotum.

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They'll know what romantischer sex erostek et 312 you're talking about. I want to have it simple. Can they compete against each other? Regarding stereo mode on both of them. So back to more easy information. Yes, they are both that good. I have been playing from time to time with estim for about three years. The potential on the. Select comebined with Adjust change the sensation, example smoothing it or make it less smooth to more aggressive.

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  1. ErosTek designs, produces and sells a. Home ET312B Power Unit..

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